MelinaMarelja          Melina Marelja, a fashion designer, a freelancer, from Zagreb/Croatia. After graduating University of Textile Technology as a fashion designer, she worked for several years as an assistant to a fashion designer, Boris Pavlin. That time gave her the knowledge and experience to work on a dream to start something on her own. It all started at the end of 2011 between her current job at the time which was a long-day filming of soap operas and drama series. So, it was a click to be or not be, let`s just do it kind of thing, let`s make it happen and that`s how creative concept KON2RE came to the world. What was appealing while creating KON2RE brand under one name, was the fact that creative process and devotion was focused solely to accomplish uncompromising and expressive way to get KON2RE vision to be heard.

         Today Kon2re continues to express them self through creative development and inspiration of Melina Marelja, as the lead designer of Kon2re. Kon2re currently produce bags of various combinations made of eco-leather, leather and cotton, and planning to produce limited line of clothing as well. Mere word describes some form of outside, at the edge, surrounding us in all forms such as nature, art, people….what could, at the end be applied to all aspects of design. Kon2re products and vision are intended primarily for people who value design and quality, who want to be different, separated from the gray mass in the world.

„.Contours, lines, shapes define our way in fashion and its essence that seeing is believing..“