Since I began the journey of making my brand KON2RE heard, I`ve been thinking of linking it with someone who possess the essential vision of creative concept we got going on.  As the mere word Kon2re says it describes some form of the outside, at the edge, surrounding us in all forms whether it`s nature, art or people. In the end it can be applied to all aspects of design. So, I was looking for someone with the ability of transformation, bit of sass and certain edge that separates her from the mass of familiar faces that surrounds us. Well, it came down to only one person for me; Kristina Šalinović – Croatian model, tattoo and rock`n roll lover and most recently a blogger of Fashion`n`Roll blog. We met online, of course, these days you think it`s the only way, but there it is. Very few things turn up the way you thought it would be, but I must say without any false modesty that she was exactly what I pictured her to be when setting this collaboration in motion; open minded, kind, totally cool and yes, beautiful. With her looks and rock personality I guess it was inevitable that she would be immersed in the spotlights of l`industrie da le mode.


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                She entered the fashion world with 19 with her short hair and androgynous look. Looking at her today, it`s a totally different look she`s sporting; shoulder auburn hair which gave her different calmer vibe and a few tattoos/piercings more. Her look as well as her personal style evolved with her age. She`s 25 now with a lot more mileage on the runway and 12 international Vogue shoots behind her. She walked the line of fashion most wanted; New York, Paris, Milan, London for numerous designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez, Giles Deacon, Anna Sui, Thierry Mugler, Lanvin, Hermes, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Mary Katrantzou, Missoni and the queen of them all, Chanel. So, you can say she pretty much covered it all and made a name for herself.

             Well, we got the opportunity to have a glimpse of her world in the interview we had recently, where we chatted about KON2RE, fashion, tattoos, modelling, music, life in general…..

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First of all I got to ask  you about the collaboration with KON2RE team. What brought it up, how it came to life?

Well, it was very simple really. I was surfing Instagram and noticed some interesting bags by Croatian designer Melina Marelja under the name of KON2RE. After I liked a couple of her bags she sent me the request for collaboration which I accepted primarily because I liked the design and I`m always open to support young creative people.

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How did your modeling story began and do you remember your first steps on the catwalk?

I started doing modeling when I was 19, but then it was really more like a hobby. My breakthrough came with Tihana Harapin with the help of Viktor Drago. They gave me a chance and a real boost on the Croatian fashion scene. My first catwalk ever was the show of Martina Felja or Ivan Alduk. I honestly don`t remember, cause I was so nervous  that day that the most of  it remained a blur.

What was the crucial moment when you decided that modelling was something you wanted to do in your life?

After I opened the show for Louis Vuitton I realized I have the opportunity to travel around the world and do the job I love.

Considering that you are spending most of your year abroad, how is that way of  life influencing your personal style, how would you described it? Do you follow trends?

I`ve never followed trends, because I always wear how I feel that day. So, I wouldn`t know how to describe my personal style really. I can say one thing for certain though, I`ve always was and  always will be lover of  R’n’R style.

How much did model life changed/confirmed your picture of  modelling and fashion world which surrounds you?

For me modelling is a job like any other, that`s how I  see and feel about it. As any job it has it`s good and bad sides, but I always keep my focus only on the good things, same as in other aspects of my life.

What are the crucial criteria to get a certain job, especially if we are talking about the big ones such as campaigns, covers (Vogue)? 

Well, there are no criteria really. I can only say that it has to do with luck and being at the right time at the right place. But, general criteria to get into this business are height, perfect measures, great shape, clean complexion and a character or as they say it –  the x factor. 

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What would your advice be for the girls who are entering or are considering to enter a fashion world?

Just be who you are and drink a lot of water.

It`s obvious there is a certain connection between modelling and acting, because of the transformation you undergo with each shoot. Are  you maybe  considering to go in that direction in the future?

Everybody is asking me that lately, but I never really thought about it. On the other hand, you never know. Maybe it will happen one day.

What is considered success for you and which ones in your career you remember as best?

The biggest success was that I managed  to shoot 12 international Vogue`s and especially the cover of Italian Vogue.

What are your favorite designers and how much do they differ privately from the image they have in public?

They are all kind in their own way, but one of my favorite is definitely Jean Paul Gaultier. He is very kind, creative and accessible. He likes to talk to models, explain the vision behind the collection and every time I`ve worked with him he remembered me which says a lot.

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Describe one of your usual working days?

Well, it depends. I like to get up early so I can have breakfast and enjoy my morning coffee in peace, no matter how early i have to be up. After my morning ritual I get ready for castings and then it`s running from one casting to the other. If I have time, I get a full lunch, if not then it`s something quick on the way and that`s it. Nothing glamorous.

How do you spend your free time, what are your interests besides fashion?

In my free time I like to listen music, take walks, research things I`m interested on the internet, read and of course hanging with my friends. 

Lately we can see tattoos as a regular part of the model world and looking through your photos in social media I know you have a few impressive ones. I`m not going to ask you if you gonna go with another one, because most of the people never only stay with one. What I`m asking is when did you get your first one and does it affect your modelling career?

Well, of course there will be more :)……My first tattoo was in the beginning of my career and it never represented any problems. Quite the opposite, one of my shoots was named based on my tattoo: only angels have wings….

How do you manage to find balance between private and a professional life, considering the fast tempo of the modeling?

It`s really hard, but I always make time for my family, friends and me of course, even if it`s only for a day or an hour.

Which cities/countries do you remember as the best ones?

London was always my first love, but I`m hoping to see much more beautiful cities which will take my breath away.

Currently on your mp3?

Johnny Cash, Sabaton, Pantera, Ac/DC, Motorhead, Pink Floyd… and many others.

What are your plans for the 2015?

Oh, I would tell you, but I don`t really know them myself……

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 Photo credits for cover photo go to Kristina Šalinović, Karel Losenicky

Official photos taken during the interview by Tomislav Mataić

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